Friday, February 6, 2015

Despite the snow, the show goes on for Annie Jr. - By Stephanie Coffin

After multiple cancellations and delays the Windham Middle School performance of Annie Jr. was a success! I was able to attend the last performance of the play and was quite taken by the energy on stage.
Several main characters including Annie were unable to perform the last play of the night due to uncontrollable circumstances. However, the kids stepped up and put on an unbelievable performance. 

Annie is the iconic story of an orphan who lives with in an orphanage under the rule of Miss Hannigan. She is chosen to spend time with millionaire Oliver Warbucks and his unique staff. They all grow fond of Annie and decide to keep her. Deep inside Annie hopes to be reunited with her birth parents, but there is an evil plan hatched by Miss Hannigan and her cohorts. 

The level of talent of the performers in Windham was wonderful to witness. The kids had great singing voices during the group performances and solo songs. Chloe Cyr a seventh grader stepped in to play the lead role of Annie at the last minute due to Denali Dieumegard coming down with the flu. Chloe took charge of the role and put on a wonderful performance with no flaws witnessed on my part. Eighth grader Makayla Malloy was wonderful as Miss Hannigan with her evil looks and sassy behavior. Eleven-year-old Austin Norcia as Rooster played the part great, right down to the greased slick back hair look of a con artist. Davin Farinella played Oliver Warbucks so true character he even went to the extent of shaving his head for the show.

Each middle school child on that stage did a wonderful job and should be proud to have put a smile on so many faces. The audience was entertained by the hard work and dedication to their part in the performance of Annie Jr.

I have never seen a Middle School play before Annie, but I will say I will be attending more in the future. The whole show was a wonderful experience to see. I encourage you to take a break from your everyday life the next time you see a sign at the rotary advertising a performance and to stop into the Windham Preforming Arts Center and watch the talent up on the stage.

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