Friday, April 14, 2017

Windham loan officer is recognized for being in the Top 1 percent across the country by Lorraine Glowczak

There is the best. Then there is the best of the best. Congratulations go to Kate Virgie, Senior Loan Officer with Northstar Mortgage Group for being recognized by nationwide investor as top 1 percent of loan officers across the country. 
Kate Virgie holding her award

Based upon volume, the top 1 percent is an award that is granted to a loan officer who has closed on the largest amount of home loans within one year. For Virgie, this means she closed more home loans with nationwide investor than loan officers across the U.S., competing against big population areas such as Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. Although the Greater Lakes region is one of the most beautiful spots in the country, where many purchase their dream home, it certainly does not compare in size to other regions in the U.S. How did she close more home loans than other officers in larger demographics?

It begins with her ability to be of service 24/7. Often in the office until past 11 p.m., Virgie never leaves until her work is completed. “One thing that separates me from other loan officers is that I am always available when people need me,” Virgie said. “I will drop anything I am doing and will be there immediately.”

However, she doesn’t have to be at the office to continue her work - she takes it with her wherever she goes. Whether it’s a late-night dinner with friends, getting a manicure or shopping at Target, she is never “closed” for business.

“Recently while having dinner with a friend one Saturday evening, I discovered she knew someone who was in the market for buying a home,” Virgie explained. “We called her friend who happened to be home. That night after our dinner, we went to her house and within the hour I pre-qualified her for a home loan at 9 p.m.”

The stories do not end there. She also tells of the time she was getting a manicure: Overhearing another client expressing her frustration about being accepted for a home loan, Virgie told her she could help. While both were getting their manicures, Virgie got enough information needed and before they both walked out of the nail salon, the individual was on her way to pre-qualification.

“I have even pre-qualified a customer in the Target parking lot,” Virgie laughed. While standing in line to pay for purchases at Target, Virgie had a conversation with the woman behind her about home mortgages. “I can help you,” Virgie told the woman, who left Target with not only the purchases from the department store but her future home as well.

“She realizes the importance of being available as a Real Estate professional,” stated Leigh Gagnon, owner of Northstar Mortgage Group. “She is driven by helping people and making the process fun and stress free.” Kate does not view her loans as transactions . . . they are relationships, families and friends. This is what has made her so successful in our industry.”

So that’s how Virgie does it. She goes that extra ten miles. No wonder she is the best of the best.

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