Friday, June 5, 2020

Raymond safely opens public places and town hall, returning to normal business hours

The Town of Raymond's municipal offices have reopened
to the public for resident services, but town staff
members and visitors must observe social distancing
and mask directives to prevent COVID-19 exposure
and transmission. PHOTO BY ED PIERCE
By Lorraine Glowczak

The Town of Raymond’s municipal office has opened their doors to the public to continue providing services, while at the same time, protecting members of the community and office personnel COVID-19 exposure.
The town hall’s office hours are Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Wednesday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. As for the public places, Raymond Beach and Veterans Memorial Park are open, but Tassel Top Park is closed until further notice. 
The Town of Raymond is asking patrons to practice proper social distancing when using these public spaces by remaining 6 feet from others. Also, it is asked that people not use any playground equipment or sit at picnic tables as they are not being sanitized after each use and pose a risk of spreading the virus.
Although the town offices are reopened, staff continued to provide municipal services during the couple months they were closed. Much like other organizations, the town has had to be innovative, overcoming challenges the pandemic has created.
Employees have adjusted well and kept things moving forward in a timely manner.
“I wish to give a word of thanks to all town staff and employees,” said Town Manager Don Willard. “We have continued to provide services, working remotely from home, and everyone has been very happy to do so. The Town’s Select Board has been supportive and right there with us. We have all worked very well together and have done so under unusual circumstances.”
Working together includes the collaborative efforts with the town’s patrons to ensure a certain level of safety as their doors open to the public.
To prevent possible contamination or spread of the virus, the Town of Raymond is taking certain precautionary measures.
According to information posted on the town’s website, the following are essential guidelines they are asking people to observe to adhere to the State of Maine CDC and OSHA safety recommendations:* Face masks will be required when inside the building.
* Only two individuals will be allowed in the office at one time unless more people are required to complete a transaction or the individuals are related to each other.
* The Code Enforcement and Assessing Offices are still by appointment/call-in only.
* When you arrive at the Town Office, you will be asked to call
207-655-4742 Ext. 124, and staff will let you know when you can come in. There will be signage outside with directions.
* Because of increased disinfecting procedures and safety measures there will be an increase in wait time and transaction length.
The website also contains the following information:
* Staff temperatures will be taken and recorded before work daily. Any staff member with elevated temperature or exhibiting any level of illness will not be permitted to work.
* Hand sanitizer will be available for everyone who visits the office and a temporary protective barrier has been added to the counters and the Code Enforcement Assistant window for added safety. There has also been a temporary extra workstation added.
* Regularly touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected three times daily that will include, but not be limited to door handles, hand sanitizer dispensers, pens, faucet handles, phones, workstations and counter surfaces.
* To maintain safety for staff members, there will be no public restrooms will be available until further notice.
* All forms of payment will continue to be accepted, however credit cards, ACH and checks are the preferred methods. Regularly replaced disposable gloves will be used for all transactions.
Many services can still be completed online or over the phone.
All residents are encouraged to follow self-watch guidelines, seek medical care when necessary and stay at home if possible as Maine is still under a Medical State of Emergency.   
“We look forward to this first step towards normalcy and appreciate your continued understanding and patience,” Willard said. “All and all, we are in great shape – financially and otherwise.”
The public is encouraged to obtain the latest and updated information via the town’s electronic sign, website (, Facebook, and the RoadRunner newsletter found in The Windham Eagle newspaper each month.
For more information regarding each park and beach area please view the Raymond Recreation Park Use Policy. <

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