Friday, January 28, 2022

Bagshaw looking to bring fresh ideas to House District 24 election

Barbara Bagshaw of Windham is running for
the Maine House District 24 seat as a 
Republican and will oppose former State Rep.
Tom Tyler in a June primary for the 
nomination. District 24 Democrat incumbent
Mark Bryant is term limited and the fall
election will determine who will succeed him 
representing Windham in Augusta.
By Ed Pierce

Barbara Bagshaw may be somewhat new to politics, but she’s hoping that voters view that as an asset when determining who to support for the Maine House District 24 Republican primary race this year.

Bagshaw, who was a first-time candidate last fall for a seat on the RSU 14 Board of Directors, is a former educator who led a non-profit arts organization for 10 years as president. She’s lived in Windham for more than 35 years and says that she wants to give back to her community through service as state representative.

“I am running because I am very motivated and inspired to do the hard work to represent the people of Windham,” Bagshaw said. “I know I will make myself available to the needs of the people in order to help and assist in any manner this office would allow. I am doing this to better my community, not just to hold a position.”

In June’s primary, Bagshaw will oppose former State Representative Tom Tyler for the Republican nomination for the November election to succeed current District 24 State Rep. Mark Bryant, a Democrat, who is term limited.

“My strengths are in networking and problem solving. Serving people is the heart of what I do,” Bagshaw said. “I believe people who vote for me need to know this. I want to find out what the people in my district are concerned about. I would love to get them involved in being part of the change they would like to see.”

She said that over the past couple of years, she’s reached out to local, state and federal government officials and many of them sent her back a canned response, suggesting that she contact someone higher up whom she had already reached out to or blamed another political party for the issue or didn’t even respond to her at all.

“These are good examples of what not to do,” Bagshaw said. “I prefer the human touch with a timely honest response.” 

According to Bagshaw, she’s running as a Republican because she strongly believes in supporting small businesses, parents’ rights, and supports providing an effective education for children to achieve the brightest future available to them. 

If elected to serve as a state representative, Bagshaw said she will do what is needed to build a consensus on behalf of all Maine residents. 

“Respect, honor and dignity are attributes I live by. I have many friends who are Democrats,” Bagshaw said. “We honor and respect each other’s differences. We work together beautifully. My friends may have a strength where I may have a weakness and vice versa. I don’t think everything needs to be divisive. We all bring a lot to the table.”

Knowing that Augusta is all about politics, Bagshaw said her skills working in the community will help her there.

“I’m a networker and enjoy working with different people,” she said. “I’m confident that I’ll figure it out to get things done. I want to serve the people and I’ll figure out how to do it. As a consensus builder, I know that our differences make us special. We need to have respect for each other.”

Her life’s passion has been about serving the community and she says that was inspired from watching her mother help others as a school board member in Gorham.

“I have traveled to 24 countries as an international speaker, volunteer in orphanages and done relief work,” Bagshaw said. “Commitment and follow-through are extremely important to me.”

She said she decided to run for the Maine District 24 House seat because she’s deeply concerned about the economy, education and the rule of law.

Her legislative focus if she’s elected will be improving the educational system in the state.

“We have a lot of very talented teachers, and they need to be supported,” Bagshaw said. “Everybody needs to work together. We do need more collaboration with parents and families though. We need to learn what their concerns are and have a deeper level of communication with them.”

Being new to running for elected office, Bagshaw says she places working for residents of the community above all else and pledges to do just that if voters elect her to serve as District 24 state representative.

“We need to support our small businesses and be thinking of how we can get able people back to work,” Bagshaw said. “I want to know what the people in the community are interested in and how I can be of assistance to them. I truly want to serve the community." <

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