Monday, April 15, 2013

Local businesses help support Fit4Summer by Michelle Libby

Jumping off the proverbial fitness bridge can be a scary endeavor, but the rewards according to the owners of Balanced Ground, 21st Century Family Fitness, PFN and Planet Fitness can be limitless. People who register for the challenge get discounts at four area fitness locations, special classes and workshops, and can even win cash by being the person who loses the biggest percentage of weight loss.

“Discounts are great, even if they don’t win, as long as they come together as a community, especially if they find out they like one of (the classes), they become part of your life, they become a process,” said co-owner of Balanced Ground Sarah Charles.

Each gym and center sponsoring the fit4summer challenge, offers something special for the beginner athlete to the seasoned athlete. Balanced Ground is offering 50 percent off a $100 punch card, good for 10 classes, either yoga or mixed-martial arts/kickboxing. Each member of the fit4summer gets a one on one session with Sarah, who teaches yoga, or Nate Charles, who does the MMA/kickboxing classes.

“If they’re trying to get in shape, the challenge would only benefit them,” said mother of four Sarah. She uses yoga as stress reduction instead of going to the gym all the time. “I need something that’s about lengthening, stretching and focusing on breath in a calm, soothing way,” she said. “It helps to bring a sense of balance in the chaotic life we have right now."

Balanced Ground has classes every night including classes for children in yoga and kids MMA.

 “Sometimes they need to drive by the gym and it’s that little extra thing that gets them in the door,” said John Booth, owner of 21st Century Family Fitness. Family Fitness is offering a special $49 rate for 12 weeks plus a free one-time workout and customized plan lead by a certified trainer. They also offer classes, babysitting, a basketball hoop and a separate free weight section. “We offer as much as we can,” said Booth.

“Anything that can promote health and wellness is always a good thing,” said Booth. “It’s easy to make excuses. You’ve got to sit down and write down your schedule. Treat it like a part-time job,” said Booth. “I know people who are my age, who look like my father. I can find the time (to hit the gym.),” he added.
At Planet Fitness, working out is a community affair, according to owner Eric Giguere. “It helps both the physical and mental aspects,” he said. Clients at Planet Fitness range in age from 13 to 103. For the fit4summer challenge, they are offering $10 down and $10 a month including unlimited free training with their trainers. They can help design a custom program for each member.

“We offer a welcoming gym, judgment free, no intimidation,” Giguere said. “The challenge is great for the community to come out and experience the gym. We try to pull those reasons (why they can’t workout) right out of them.”

PNF, which has been in business for a year and a half does personal one-on-one training and classes all by appointment only. At their studio, members can buy a punch card for $50 and attend 10 classes. This week they just added spinning classes to their repertoire. “Accountability is a huge thing,” said Whitney Sullivan, who co-owns the gym with Mark York. They train everyone from University of Southern Maine athletes to high school athletes and people who are homebound and need help with their activities of daily living.

“(The challenge) brings the community together and it’s about the fitness. It’s not about the competition between the facilities, but helping people to reach their goals,” Sullivan said.

Registering is easy. Sign up at any of the four sponsoring gyms, Balanced Ground, 21st Century Family Fitness, Planet Fitness and PNF, or The Windham Eagle office, then use whatever means necessary to get in shape. One does not have to use one of these deals to be a part of the challenge, said Kelly Mank, organizer of the challenge. But, a $50 membership card is necessary to win the prizes.

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