Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cub Scouts go to the derby...the Pinewood Derby

On Saturday Windham 46 Cub Scouts gathered at the Windham Middle School café to participate in a long standing tradition – the Pinewood Derby. The boys in grades one through five are given a block of pine wood, four nails and four tires and are told to create a car. The car has to weigh approximately five ounces when it is done. 

Designs of the cars are limited only by the boy’s imagination. This year cars ranged from the Tardis (of Dr. Who fame) and a mountain to a turtle and a Minecraft car. No two are the same. 

The competition is for speed. The tracks are hooked to a digital timing system that sends the times to a laptop where they are compiled and ranked. Each car has multiple races.

The winners for this year’s derby are: First place – Rogan Deptula, second place – Joseph Lopes, third place - Jon Loft, fourth place – Landon Schmuck and fifth place – Zachary Day. 

Each den chose a car as most creative and the overall most creative car, chosen by adults in attendance, was Lucas Cormier with his Lego car.  

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