Monday, March 16, 2015

Babb's Bridge has re-opened earlier than originally anticipated - By Michelle Libby

Despite the State of Maine DOT telling local legislators that repairs to Babb’s Bridge wouldn’t happen until late spring or June, the work to make the bridge safe was completed and the bridge was reopened on February 27. 
The bridge was damaged in a hit and run accident in February. 

“The three legislators met with Dale Doughty…and explained that’s not going to be acceptable. We need to get this done,” said local senator Bill Diamond. 

The first priority was to make the bridge serviceable and to certify that the safety of the structure was sound. There are no new restrictions on the bridge. 

“I think the lull in the weather certainly played into [getting the repairs done early],” said town manager Tony Plante. “I’ve already heard from people who use the bridge on a regular basis that they appreciate it, too.” 

“They went out of their way to get this done,” said Diamond. “We are winners all the way around.”
The fixes were not historically accurate and that will need to be addressed going forward. Diamond said, that the state didn’t commit financially to the historical restoration, but they offered to be a part of the committee that works on that part of the bridge.

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