Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Octoberfest changes locations to offer more parking and fun - By Jon Bolduc

Octoberfest will take place on October 17th, and will move from the Buck’s Naked BBQ parking lot off of Route 302 to Camp William Hinds in Raymond. 
Allen Faraday, event organizer and executive VP of Operations at Windham Weaponry said that the event has outgrown its previous space. 

“With the tremendous facilities at Camp Hinds, it will more than make up for the lack of high visibility on 302,” he said.  

The space at Camp Hinds will help to make the event more secure and safe, with room for parking and traffic-- two significant problems at when the event was hosted off of Route 302 in Windham.
“We just want it to be a very safe, comfortable event, and not have to worry about the traffic and the parking,” Faraday said. Faraday also said the facilities at Camp Hinds, situated on over 300 acres of land on Panther Pond-- offer exciting new opportunities for fun events. 

“We have beautiful waterfront property, we have a place where we can do a pancake breakfast...I have a secure place across the street where I can do the helicopter rides,” says Faraday. 

Many local businesses, and, most importantly, local food banks and food pantries, will be represented with booths and fun activities at the event.

“We probably have about 40 or so different businesses represented that are going to offer some type of activity, food or music,” said Aimee Senatore, executive director of the Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce. 

Faraday said some of the new activities include a climbing wall, food booths set up across the camp’s waterfront, zip-lining and a shooting range: The Boy Scouts are providing Range Safety Officers and are offering the ability to shoot five to 10 shots with .22 rifles at 25 yard targets for a donation, like all of the other activities. 

In addition, Camp Hinds will provide canoe and kayaking trips up the Tenny River, a climbing wall, nature walks and a huge fire pit for S’mores. 

To top off the fun, Matthew McFadden, owner of Naples Seaplane Adventure, will be offering ten minute rides off of Panther Pond, with a donation of $40.  

Octoberfest is for a good cause with proceeds help raise cash for Feed the Need, a fundraising initiative that aims to eliminate hunger and food insecurity in the 10 towns served by the Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce. 

“It’s just shocking what the need is. How so many of our neighbors are in need of extra food, or support,” said Faraday. 

Octoberfest, and other events hosted throughout the year by the initiative, like the Community Coin Challenge, raise significant funds for area food banks. 

“One dollar. Just one dollar from a food pantry’s perspective can feed a family of four for a day. If you look at the fact that we give most of our food pantries over a $1,000...it goes a long way,” Senatore said.

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