Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Daytime Players present second weekend of performances - By Elizabeth Richards

This weekend brings an opportunity to see the Daytime Players in action at the Schoolhouse Center for the Arts. The group presents their second weekend of “The Days Are As Grass,” a collection of eight short dramatic comedies about time, aging, forgiveness, sex and the human spirit. 
The Daytime Players began at the Schoolhouse Center in 2003, with four original members, including this show’s director, Jerry Walker. Originally, he said, the group performed short plays and excerpts from larger works in nursing homes, senior centers, and for church and other groups. The Daytime Players had grown to include more than 20 people before disbanding a few years ago.  

With multiple directors and performers, Walker said “There were sometimes two or three shows going on at the same time, or rehearsing at the same time. We met during the daytime, and it was a lot of fun.”
The group came back together last winter, performing “The Days Are As Grass” at the Magic Lantern in Bridgton. They decided to reprise the performance at the Schoolhouse Center for the Arts with many of the same cast members, as well as a few new additions. Walker said that since that first performance, with performers spending more time with the pieces, the cast have grown in their roles. “It’s a delightful show,” he said.

Rehearsals for the show, which has several short pieces that involve only one or two performers, have been primarily independent. 

“This is what’s great about the Daytime players,” said Walker. “You don’t have to set up an eight week schedule and go five nights a week. We depend upon the actors to come prepared and it really works out quite well for all of us.”

This show has revived interest in restarting the Daytime Players on an ongoing basis at the Schoolhouse Center for the Arts. There will be an organizational meeting on October 21st from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The group is looking for new members to be involved in all aspects of theater, including performing, technical crew, lights, and more. The only requirements for getting involved are to have an interest and time available during the day. “If you have no experience, you’ll have experience by the time you’re finished with us because we have a great group of people to instruct and help people get started,” Walker said. All ages are welcome.

“The Days Are As Grass” will be performed at 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th. Tickets, available at the door or by calling 642-3743, and are $10.

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