Thursday, August 29, 2013

School is back in session!

Wednesday was back to business for the students of RSU14 in grades 1 through 9. Students boarded the buses and arrived at school to see the smiling faces of their teachers and administrators. Thursday was the first day for the rest of the students. 

There are a number of changes to the physical look of the schools and to the staff in each school. New security features have been added to Windham Middle School and Windham High School. 

Windham Primary School has increased the number of teachers it has by six. Fundraising for the new playground is still underway. 

Windham Middle School has six new teachers and has relocated the sixth grade class to Field Allen where the seventh-graders have been for years. They also are introducing iPads instead of the MacBooks. 

Windham High School has five new staff members. Another change this year was that school pictures were taken on Thursday so that students will have their identification cards early to be able to use with the new security system.

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