Monday, May 5, 2014

Windham author Russell Warnberg writes about murder and mayhem - By Michelle Libby

One day Russell Warnberg woke up and said he was going to learn to use his computer. What he wrote that day was the opening paragraph to his first novel. 
For five months he wrote every day. When he was finished, he submitted it, like so many other aspiring authors. “I never expected it to happen. It was just something ot leave for my grandchildren,” Warnberg said. However, he was offered a contract for his first book “Edge of Redemption.” On March 20th his latest novel was released, “The Chalk Line Killer,” published by Fountain Blue Publishing. He is now working on his fourth book, which is set in Windham.

His books are murder mysteries most of which are centered in Maine. His detectives, like Cole Sullivan his lead character, are “really good guys,” he said. They have normal backgrounds. They just deal with serial killers. 

 Warnberg has lived in Windham for 35 years and spent 11 years teaching at Windham Christian Academy. Originally from Minnesota, he moved to Maine after getting is first job in Lewiston in 1970.
His time now is spent in his man cave surrounded by a TV, microwave, “Everything I need to be content with and my computer on my lap,” he said. “I read a lot. I think I could write one,” he told himself when he first began. 

“You have to be constant. You have to write every day at least one sentence,” Warnberg said. He averaged 500 to 1,000 words each day, so he completes his novels in four or five months. 

“You have to have some kind of goal,” he said. 

His goal is to write 10 novels before “it’s all over” and he turns 70. He is 66 presently. 

He has started work on his fourth novel at take-off of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four, a Novel. “It’s not going to be pretty,” he said. 

Warnberg’s books can be found online in paperback, hard cover and ebook. He also has a website

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