Sunday, June 21, 2015

Donnabeth Lippman Park installs new playground - By Michelle Libby

Windham Parks and Recreation Department is continuing to improve Donnabeth Lippman Park, just off Route 302 in Windham, with the addition of a new playground play scape this week.
The playground is still roped off waiting for 91-yards of engineered mulch to be delivered and spread.
“We are anxiously awaiting it,” said project coordinator Lynn Bucknell. It should arrive within the next two weeks, she said. 

The project was put together last week by CMJ Construction out of Bangor, who was contracted by Game Time, the maker of the playground. 

“[CMJ Construction] said to me, ‘This is my favorite set so far.’ So it looks like we picked out a good one,” Bucknell said. 

The unit was listed for $82,000. The money for the playground was in the budget for this upcoming year capped at $130,000. Bucknell however, found the application for a grant and after doing the paperwork, she was notified within half an hour that the town was awarded the grant for 50 percent matching funds. The play structure cost the town a little less than $40,000, according to Bucknell. There were a few stipulations that the equipment had to be delivered by December 31 and the money had to be paid at the time of purchase, but she was able to make all of the details work. 

“I saved the town $90,000 this year,” said Bucknell. “Working in parks and rec money is always a factor. Not to take such a hard hit, it felt pretty good.” 
The buzz around the playground has been huge on Facebook, she said. “People are excited and can’t wait. We need stuff for the kids.” 

In the near future, the town is hoping to add swing sets, and a pavilion is being constructed by Boy Scout Chad Witherow this spring.

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