Sunday, August 2, 2015

Windham fisherman nets second rare catch - By Allison Sample

The Fisherman’s Catch in Raymond is the home to a very rare visitor these days. Joining the usual greenish-brown lobsters in the tank is what appears to be one that has already been cooked. Owner Bill Coppersmith, Jr. explained that the coloring is due to a rare genetic defect that turns the shell bright orange. 

The lobster was caught off Casco Bay by Coppersmith, Sr. on Wednesday and he quickly sent his son a picture message to see if he would be interested in displaying it at the store which Coppersmith took over about six years ago. Coppersmith agreed and for the past week the lobster has been on display for visitors to come see. It will be there for the next few weeks. 

The Coppersmiths have fished for lobster off Casco Bay for over 30 years and are no strangers to rare lobsters. In 1997, Coppersmith, Sr. caught an incredibly rare Albino lobster that he named Lincoln. As a 1 in 100 million lobster, Lincoln drew international attention and even got his own song “Lincoln the Lobster” courtesy of Rick Charette. 

A roughly 1 in 30 million catch, Coppersmith joked that he’d “rather win that in a lottery ticket than a lobster”.  This particular lobster however has its own fair share of luck; instead of becoming someone’s dinner he will be returned to deep water and released after a few more weeks at the Fisherman’s Catch on Route 302 in Raymond at the A-frame. .

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