Friday, February 9, 2018

WHS students form a band for varsity players and spectators to enjoy by Matt Pascarella

Three students make up the band, Pantomime, that plays during the varsity games at Windham High. Windham High students, Owen Wert (senior) plays guitar and bass, while Tyler Briggs (junior) plays drums, bass and guitar. Jack Twombly (junior at South Portland High School) plays bass and drums.
The band started after Wert had seen a faculty band play at Windham and told Briggs that they should consider starting a band together. Briggs knew a friend he met at church who may be interested in joining in. He contacted Jack Twombly, a South Portland resident, and asked if he wanted to jam. And, just like that - the band was formed. 

They came up with the name, Pantomime, after careful consideration. Twombly explains he and a friend came up with a list of possible band names. They each threw in a name or two, but eventually picked Pantomime. The group waited a while to announce the official name just to make sure it fit. landed the varsity gig because originally they were a pep band, formed from a school band. So Wert and Briggs approached Windham’s athletic director, Rich Drummond, and asked about putting a garage band together. Drummond had seen something similar at Waterboro and said he thought it was a good idea. So, they booked the varsity gig.

Briggs explains that his father, Jim, has a lot to do with picking their songs. The band is eclectic in their listening habits, but Briggs’ dad suggests a lot of older rock music, like Led Zepplin and AC/DC. Considering the advice from his father, Pantomime throws in a variety of tunes to include 90s music like Nirvana as well as more modern artists like Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino.

They are looking to expand and book more gigs. They’ve already been asked to play at Project Graduation 2018 this year. 

“We hope to keep doing this and . . . to write our own music; we’d like to put together some songs and find a way to record and get it out there,” says Briggs. 

Be sure to catch Pantomime at the next varsity game and enjoy local talent in the making. Who knows, you may say, “I knew them when . . .”

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