Monday, July 1, 2013

21st Century Family Fitness sold by Michelle Libby

After 13 years, John Booth is selling 21st Century Family Fitness to Meredith Hanby from the Oxford Hills region. She is planning to relocate to the area with her husband Bob.

“It’s not getting any closer,” said Booth. “I live in Winslow and made the commute for 13 years. The goal was to have three clubs in Maine, but the economy had other ideas.”

The new owners take possession on July 1.

“I’m scared, excited and stressed,” Meredith said. Both Meredith and Bob are teachers, but Meredith resigned last year and realized that she really likes working with people. She got her strength and conditioning certification and when she saw the gym for sale, she pursued it.

“Fitness and weightlifting are a part of our life together, part of our relationship. Weightlifting is a passion of ours,” Meredith said.

She didn’t want to be only a trainer, she wanted to have her own facility. “I want to help people in an existing facility,” she said. “It’s still teaching, just not in a traditional classroom. I want to be a business woman,” she added.

The name will change to Rohan Strength & Fitness. The fee structure will change eventually, but it will be consistent and fair, they said. They plan a fall membership drive with deals on memberships. She would like to expand the personal training, bring in atlas stones, car pulls and big tires for lifting, which is the type of weightlifting Bob is passionate about.

“I would like to find women who would like pick up heavy things off the floor. It’s empowering,” she said.

Bob will remain a teacher at his present position, but will help during the summer. The Hanby’s don’t plan to change things right away.

“Bob and I are learning what’s here. We want to meet people’s needs and start implementing things we’d like to add,” Meredith said. She also would like to upgrade equipment slowly.

Getting to know their members is very important to them. “Introduce yourself. You’re not just a face just walking though,” she said. She’d like to know everyone’s name.

They plan to hold a grand opening in August.

“What I love about this facility is that it’s so diverse here they can meet their own goals, whether it’s train for a tri-athlon, or one of the senior programs. What is offered is phenomenal,” Meredith said.

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