Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kaile Warren announces his race for State Senate - By Michelle Libby

Kaile Warren has been nominated to face off against Bill Diamond in the race for State Senate District 26. The business owner is running on a fiscally conservative, pro-business, champion of open dialogue who looks out for the interests of the elderly and youth in the district. 
Warren has been called a maverick for daring to think outside the box. He has fight.

“I understand how government attacks and tries to cannibalize their own citizens,” he said. 

His political experience is as a Windham Town councilor, which he was a very effective at “tearing into thoughtless and careless spending,” he said. He resigned from his position after a heart attack forced him to take a break. 

“I never unearthed an issue that I did not recommend a solution for,” Warren said. The 55-year-old life-long Republican has been waiting for the right time to get into politics. After spending the last few years being indicted twice and fighting the court system, he was cleared of any wrong doings. Before that he owned Rent-a-Husband, was a published author and made many appearances on the CBS morning show as a home improvement guru. 

“I want the citizens to know that all of my decisions will be well-reasoned, fair and sometimes creative. My no nonsense take on any challenge approach to helping people is driven by my compassion to help others,” Warren said. 

Through his business he did a high school challenge that asked students to create a business on $200 and execute it. All of the money raised when to Camp Sunshine. “I put students in the position to promote something, not a textbook study,” he said. “They need real world experience.”

Warren is interested in increasing opportunities for the youth of the state, college age or younger, to keep them in Maine, which in turn will help businesses to grow. “Maine is an end of the pipeline state, we educate them and they leave,” he said. 

“Turning adversity into opportunity” is a motto that Warren has lived by. In 1996, he was newly divorced, had $500 to his name and was living in an abandoned warehouse in Portland. He’s one of the people who can overcome and never give up. In November of 2000, his $500 was then estimated at $7 million valuation. “I realized I was not in a good situation and I created the opportunity. I have no fear of failing. Just like running in this race.” 

Warren describes himself as an “every man type of person. Humble, grounded and determined. That’s what makes me the candidate I am today. If they elect me, they’ll have a true champion.” 

He knows that getting into the race this late is a challenge, but he’s willing to work hard now and when he goes to Augusta. 

“It’s important for people to know that Kaile really wants this. He’s not just putting his name in. He’s going to work for it. He’s not just a paper candidate,” said Senator Gary Plummer who will retire after the election. “I’m happy to have someone who represents the conservative viewpoint, who won’t raise taxes. I’ll do anything to support him.” 

Warren’s compassion for people comes from his upbringing with, as he calls them, two exceptional parents. His mother taught him compassion and business skills and his father taught his what’s right and how to stand up for it, he said. 

“Past actions are predictions of future actions,” Warren said. He wants to know what Diamond plans to do better in the future, than he did during his last terms in office. “If we keep putting people back in office for 30 years, I don’t see how the changes will happen. I want to be that difference.”

Warren lives with his girlfriend of 17 years, Donna and his dog Maintenance. 

Senate District 26 covers Windham, Raymond, Standish, Frye Island, Baldwin and Casco.
Warren will be officially nominated as a candidate at a Republican caucus Thursday night.

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