Friday, February 12, 2016

Fast cars and great fun at the annual Pinewood Derby

Cub Scout Pack 805 held its annual Pinewood Derby, where Scouts from first grade to fifth grade race cars made from a block of wood. Each car has to weigh five ounces, have plastic wheels and fit within certain parameters.

The cars are only limited in design by the imagination of the boy creating it. This year there were many Star Wars themed cars, a hot dog, a police car, thin cars and even a football field. The speeds are clocked by computer, eliminating human confusion.

This year’s winners were first place Alexander Momot, second place Joseph Lopes, third place Calvin Bartz, fourth place Wyatt Richards and fifth place Jacob Spencer.
Trophies were also given to best in show for each age group (called a den) and one over all winner.

Top 5 winners are:

Name                                        Time                    Average Speed (mph)
1 - Alexander Momot                6.5590                    215.2
2 - Joseph Lopes                        6.6420                    212.5               
3- Calvin Bartz                          6.6460                    212.4
4 - Wyatt Richards                    6.6850                    211.1
5 - Jacob Spencer                      6.7010                    210.6

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