Friday, November 17, 2017

Jordan-Small Middle School “adopts” a school hit by the hurricanes in the U.S. Virgin Islands by Jennifer Davis

The Sprauve School prior to hurricane damage
This year has brought with it many devastating storms that have affected many parts of our country. One area that was hit especially hard was the Virgin Islands. Although the storm itself is gone, these areas still need help to recover. Jordan-Small Middle School in Raymond is offering that help by “adopting” the Julius E. Sprauve School on the island of St. John in the United States Virgin Islands. 
The Sprauve school is home to 350 students, grades K-8.  During Hurricane Irma, the Sprauve School was heavily damaged. The damages worsened when Hurricane Maria passed through the island a week later. The school was so damaged, that the students had to miss over a month of classes while the school made repairs. As of today, the school has reopened but the students must do split sessions, as parts of the school still remain unusable. Of the damages, many if not all of the school supplies were destroyed. Crockett, Principal at Jordan Small Middle School along with Kelly Crockett and another colleague wanted to find a way to help. Having visited St. John on several occasions, Randy and Kelly Crockett had a personal interest in helping. “We wanted [to] find a way to let the staff at the Sprauve School know that people are aware of their needs; that they had not been forgotten,” Crockett said. 

After some work, the Jordan-Small Middle School Guidance Counselor was able to connect with someone at the Sprauve School to get the process going to adopt the school and help supply the school with much needed materials and supplies for the students. “Our goal is to have a box of supplies with notes from our students [delivered] to each of the classrooms at the Sprauve School before the holidays,” Crockett said.

Each year, Jordan-Small works on community service activities, and this year adopting the Sprauve
Sprauve School after hurricane damage
School is going to be the main event. The fifth graders at Jordan-Small are going to be at the heart of the project. The students have already made signs to promote the adoption of the school and they will play an integral part in sorting the supplies donated.  

As mentioned, the goal for Jordan-Small is to have a box of supplies delivered to each classroom before the holidays. The biggest struggle they are currently facing is getting these supplies to the Sprauve School.  

As of right now, they must choose between a very costly delivery or a very long delivery time.  The staff at Jordan-Small is looking for suggestions that will make the shipping of these supplies get to the staff and students in a timely, cost effective manner.

Jordan-Small Middle School will be accepting donated supplies as well as monetary donations through December 8th. Items to be donated can be brought directly to the Jordan-Small Middle School.  

Monetary donations should be made payable to the Raymond PTO and mailed directly to the Middle School at 423 Webbs Mills Road, Raymond, ME.  

If you have any questions on the items needed, please email Randy Crockett directly at will be another opportunity to donate in the future through Raymond Elementary School in January.  “It’s all geared toward the kids,” Crockett states. “We want to make sure that Sprauve School knows that they have not been forgotten.”

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