Friday, May 11, 2018

Local Girl Scouts provide a taste of Maine in Afghanistan by Jennifer Davis

The Daisy Troop
Girl Scouts Troop 695 brought smiles to the faces of a few members who are serving in our U.S. Army, stationed in Afghanistan this past month, when the service men and women received two giant boxes full of Girl Scout cookies. 

During the Girl Scout Cookie Campaign, Troop 695 collected boxes of donated cookies to be sent to the soldiers serving our country. 

“The idea was started when one of the girl’s neighbors asked if there was a way to donate cookies to soldiers,” said Nicole Buzzell, Troop Leader for Troop 695. “The mom asked us on our private Facebook page and another mom commented that she was also interested because she has a cousin in Afghanistan now.” 

This interest and idea soon became reality as the girls began collecting their donated boxes of cookies. “Through all of the trainings we’ve taken over the past five years, we understand the importance of the troop being Girl led,” Buzzell said. “This was a great chance to make that happen.”
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Libby

Cookies were not the only donation made. In fact, a donation of $80 was made to be used toward the shipping costs totaling $120, making shipping the cookies much more affordable. The boxes were shipped to Troop 695 member, Paisley’s cousin, Chief Warrant Officer 3 TJ Libby, who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

The cookies arrived in Afghanistan safely and were received by those serving the U.S. The girls were very surprised when they received a video message from Chief Warrant Officer 3 Libby, directly thanking them for their gift. He explained how much these cookies were enjoyed by all of the people currently stationed with him and how the timing was perfect. 

Libby, who works closely with an orphanage in Afghanistan, explained that not only were the girls making some service men and women very happy, but also would be making some children very happy.  “You guys did a lot to help out the kids of Afghanistan,” said Libby in his video to Troop 695. 

Libby planned to keep one box of cookies for his troop and donate the other to the orphanage.  Libby went on to explain that these Girl Scout cookies would be the first ones that some of the children at the orphanage had ever experienced.

When Chief Warrant Officer 3 Libby opened the box full of cookies he found letters that had been included from all of the Girl Scouts in Troop 695. “These cards are my favorite part of this whole package,” said Libby. “You guys rock. You brightened up my day, week, month!  Thank you so much!  Keep doing what you’re doing.”
The video from Chief Warrant Officer 3 Libby was unexpected and made the girls’ day. “It made me really happy,” said Paisley, 6 years old. 

“He’s so far away from us, keeping our country safe, I wanted the cookies to make him happy.” Paisley and the rest of the girls in Troop 695 will be earning a fun patch to wear on their vests recognizing their efforts. 

What started as an idea and a simple question gave soldiers serving our country the taste of home and, at the same time, providing a little something special to those who could also use a surprise of sweetness. One kind act is all that is needed to make the world a better place.

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