Friday, May 1, 2020

Windham Middle School student reminds community about the importance of social distancing

Lyssi Faith Yekeh
By Elizabeth Richards

Social distancing can be difficult, especially for young people. One Windham Middle School seventh-grade student understands the importance of the safety measures and wants to share her point of view with the community.

Lyssi Faith Yekeh designed a poster to show kindness as well as to point out that taking these steps now can help everyone have a fun summer. If everyone follows social distancing guidelines, she said, things like summer camps, pools, restaurants and other things people enjoy in their everyday lives can begin to open.  People would also be allowed to visit family members, like those in nursing homes, she added.

Yekeh said the hardest part of social distancing for her is not going to school or seeing family and friends. “I like to have fun with everyone I care about,” she said.

zgreenfield@bgt-law.comThat doesn’t mean she isn’t staying connected, however.  “What's working is that I can do zoom calls with my family, teachers, and my friends so we don't forget each other,” she said.

Yekeh has displayed her poster on Facebook and reached out to the Windham Eagle to help her get her message out to the community. “I would like people to know that we can do this if we all work together.” Staying the recommended 6 feet away will help protect everyone, from babies to grandparents, she said.

“This wasn’t a school project. I thought that I could put my voice out there to help others know we are all in this together,” she said. “I hope people will read my poster and understand the importance of the coronavirus and how social distancing is important to keep us alive or safe.”

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