Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Fuller Center expresses gratitude for area volunteers, businesses

By Lorraine Glowczak

The board members of the Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center for Housing (Fuller Center) always appreciate their volunteers' time, energy, and financial contributions and the businesses that contribute to their cause. What better way to convey that gratitude than to offer it during the holiday that celebrates the expression of thanks?

The Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center for Housing
board members are thankful for the generosity of this
community that so readily helps others.
“We certainly could not fulfill our mission of providing adequate shelter and a safe living space for our older adults without the help of area volunteers and businesses,” said Fuller Center President Diane Dunton Bruni. “I am amazed and grateful for the generosity of this community to help others.”

The Fuller Center was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller, who also founded Habitat for Humanity. The local Sebago Lakes Region chapter focuses its mission on housing repair so older adults can remain and age safely in their own homes.

At a recent Fuller Center Volunteer Appreciation celebration, Linda Gregoire of Windham spoke at the event. She and her husband, John, were recipients of Fuller Center services in July.

Her words speak genuine and heartfelt appreciation that the local Fuller Center believes regarding everyone’s time, materials and financial contributions.

“I’m here to share with you from everyone who was a recipient of the Fuller Housing Foundation projects, our thanks and gratitude for your kind help,” she said. “I don’t just speak for John and myself, but I hope I speak for everyone you helped. I want to start with a quote that epitomizes the spirit of volunteerism by a woman who dedicated her life to helping the unseen. In the words of Mother Teresa, ‘You have not truly lived until you have done something for someone who can do nothing to repay you’.”

Gregoire continued by saying that serving the unseen, the elderly, the disabled, and veterans (who are often both), is a worthy calling.

“We should remember the unseen weren’t always unseen. They were productive members of our community,” she said. “So, to have a group of caring people come into your life to fix or build and repair something you used to be able to do but can no longer do yourself is an unbelievable experience and blessing.”

Gregoire said that she and her husband felt relief that one of their needs was met.

“How do you ever thank the people who freely gave their love, compassion, time, talent and resources? It can be so humbling and overwhelming to receive so much. But I assure you, you have been thanked in prayers to be blessed as you have been a blessing. God smiled a lot this summer, particularly on July 29, but also on a rainy afternoon when the last nail was pounded as the rain fell. None of it goes unnoticed. What you all did this summer won’t just last for this summer. After you all went home, back to your jobs and lives, what you did will last for years. Every project will be a testament to what we can do for one another when we join together and put our “Faith into Action.”

Dunton Bruni said there are so many individuals to thank that it would take an entire page to express the Fuller Center’s gratitude. She listed a small group of individuals, organizations, and businesses who gave $1,000 or more or were local contractors who gave their time.

But first, Dunton Bruni said she felt it necessary to mention one more thing.

“It is essential to note that this list does not eliminate our appreciation for those who gave in smaller ways but with a big heart,” Dunton Bruni said. “Especially those who worked hard cooking to feed the volunteers. Please know that we know who you are and are grateful to you beyond words.”

Dunton Bruni said the Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center for Housing is grateful to Hancock Lumber, Maine Association of Realtors, Modern Woodman, Sebago Lake Rotary, Bill and Jane Diamond, North Windham Union Church, Alex Ewig, Stephen Fraizer, Raymond Village Community Church, Hussy Seating, Fuller Center Bike Adventure, Randy Perkins of Perks Peak, Brian Shaw of Earthworks, Jill Johanning, Larry Hodgkins, Scott Symonds, Greg Cushman, Rob Regan, Tom Cleveland, Lowes, Casella Waste, VFW Post 10643, Hannaford Supermarkets, and Bob’s Seafood for their help.

Perhaps Gregoire expresses the Fuller Center’s appreciation the best.

“I want you to know you changed circumstances, which has changed lives and how those lives are lived and enjoyed. I hope and pray these projects will be an example to others of what we can all accomplish when we open our hearts and use our hands to help the unseen.”

To learn more about the Sebago Lakes Region Fuller Center for Housing organization, to volunteer, or to inquire about housing repair, call 207-387-0855, send an email to, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook. <

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