Friday, April 29, 2022

Maine DOT work to ramp up in Windham over summer and into 2023

The $1.5 million replacement of Varney's Bridge over the
Pleasant River on William Knight Road in Windham has
been scheduled by the Maine Department of Transportation
to be performed in 2023, instead of this summer, as it was
originally proposed. PHOTO BY ED PIERCE
By Ed Pierce

Unlike last year when bridge work on Route 115 created a significant impact upon motorists and traffic in Windham, the summer months of 2022 are going to see fewer Maine DOT projects in the community, but that will change again heading into 2023.

Only two Maine DOT projects planned for this summer in Windham according to Maine DOT’s Three-Year Work Plan, but both should affect commutes into the town.

The first project that Maine DOT is undertaking this summer in Windham is the installation of adaptive traffic lights in North Windham stretching from the Route 115 intersection north along Route 302 to Trails End Road. The cost of this project is $1.45 million and the new upgraded traffic lights are expected to alleviate congestion along the Route 302 corridor by adjusting the timing of red, yellow and green lights to accommodate changing traffic patterns and equitably distributing moving vehicles through the area.

The second project affecting Windham motorists will be the preliminary design engineering work for the construction of a bike and pedestrian trail/path on the Mountain Division Line from Bridge Street in Route 202 crossing in Windham. This is a $450,000 project. 

Projects in Windham by Maine DOT will increase substantially in 2023 and 2024.

Some of those projects include:

** Installation of backplates with yellow reflective safety strips and supplemental signal heads along Route 302 from Portland to Windham at a cost of $395,000. 

** Highway construction and rehabilitation for Route 302 starting 0.45 of a mile west of Outpost Drive extending west 0.14 of a mile and including the Route 202 roundabout. The cost of this initiative is $585,000.

** Repaving Route 302 starting at the Route 202 roundabout and extending north 2.85 miles.

** Replacement of Varney’s Bridge over the Pleasant River on William Knight Road at a cost of $1.5 million.    

** Bridge deck replacement for Loveitt Bridge over the Pleasant River some 0.13 of a mile north of Laskey Road at a cost of $1 million.

** Construction of a new pedestrian sidewalk on the west side of Route 302 in North Windham running from Shaw’s Access Drive about 0.48 of a mile north to Amato Drive at a cost of $3.1 million.

** Highway and safety improvements at a cost of $156,000 to be made at the intersection of Route 302 and Albion Road.

In updating the state’s Three-Year Work Plan earlier this year, Maine DOT Commissioner Bruce A. Van Note said the value of these types of projects helps ensure the safety, economic opportunity, and quality of life for residents.

“In 2021, Gov. Janet Mills proposed, and the Maine Legislature approved, two General Fund initiatives that provided nearly $106 million to Maine DOT,” Van Note said. “This unprecedented level of General Fund support saved Maine DOT’s capital transportation program by offsetting a state Highway Fund revenue hole caused by the reductions in fuel tax revenue from the pandemic and high construction cost inflation.” 

He said that during last year’s statewide election, more than 70 percent of voters approved a $100 million transportation bond, providing much-needed state match for federal and other funds to support Maine DOT’s capital programs.

According to Van Note, maintenance and operation of Maine’s extensive highway and bridge system accounts for a large portion of Maine DOT’s overall work activities.

“This work is essential to the movement of people and goods and to the health of the Maine economy. It is also an essential and cost-effective means of protecting the state highway and bridge system,” Van Note said. “From year to year, and within CY2022, actual expenditures for this work will depend on the constantly changing condition of the transportation system and, importantly, on weather. For those reasons, overall expenditures for routine maintenance and operation of the highway and bridge system are shown in the Three-Year Work Plan as approximate, annual budget figures.”

He said that highway and bridge maintenance and operations work accounts for $535 million in this 2022-2024 Work Plan, while three-year annual averages for major maintenance and operations work statewide include:

** $10.3 million in bridge and structural maintenance.

** $5.2 million in bridge and other infrastructure inspections and inventory.

** $15.5 million in custodial maintenance.

** $22.4 million in drainage maintenance.

** $6.6 million in operational and safety maintenance.

** $9.9 million in surface and base maintenance.

** $46.4 million in winter maintenance. <

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