Friday, June 24, 2022

Windham’s Bubar makes great strides on racing circuit

By Andrew Wing

It is common knowledge that driving cars at over 100 mph is dangerous. However, for Corey Bubar, his love for racing is so immense that he doesn’t spend much time worrying about that, but rather he is just focused on having fun racing in the moment.

Windham auto racer Corey Bubar and his team will compete 
for a $10,000 prize at the Keen Parts 150 race at the Lee 
USA Speedway in Lee, New Hampshire on July 15.
Before he had even reached his teenage years, Bubar was racing go-karts at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough in 2004. After doing that for a few years, he moved up to the sports series division in 2007, and then just one year after graduating from Windham High School, Bubar won the championship in the Sports Series division at Beech Ridge in 2011.

Following his championship, Bubar moved up to the Pro Series division in 2012 and his overall time in that division was also incredibly successful, winning more NASCAR Night races than any other racer at Beech Ridge and he also won the “Driver of the Decade” award for the 2010s.

Bubar has always had a passion for cars. He started working as a used car mechanic at Lake Region Imports in Westbrook while still in high school. After leaving there at the end of 2020, Bubar began working at Viking-Cives in Lewiston where they build plow trucks for New England towns and he performs most of the welding there.

Despite his passion for cars, Bubar got into racing because the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

“I got into racing because my dad has raced since the 1980s,” said Bubar. “He stopped in the early 2000s and when the opportunity came for me to get started in go-kart racing, we didn’t hesitate and we’ve been at it ever since.”

Since Bubar started racing nearly 20 years ago, he has come to find many things that he likes about the sport, but his favorite is the thought process that goes into it.

“There are so many options of how to set up your car and you always have to think of ways that can make it better,” said Bubar. “Some of the things that I come up with are really outside of the box, and it’s really cool when they work.”

On the other hand, Bubar has also come to find out that there are some parts of racing that he doesn’t like as much, and the worst part to him is altercations with people.

“Racing is so competitive, and sometimes people’s tempers get hot,” said Bubar. “If you’re successful, then you will have your fair share of them, and I have lost friends because of racing.”

There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout Bubar’s racing career, but last season just might’ve been the best yet for him and his Bubar Motorsports team as they won three races and Bubar won his first touring series race.

“Last season was pretty good for us,” said Bubar. “I had a chance at the championship, but ended up in second place, just four points behind. A lot of credit goes to my team, we had a fast car just about every week.”

Following his exceptional season in 2021, Bubar was excited for what this season had in store, but with Beech Ridge Motor Speedway closing at the end of last year, he and his team didn’t enter 2022 with many expectations. Despite the closing, Bubar and his team have competed in some races, and while their luck hasn’t gone their way so far this season, Bubar and his team still have hope for what’s yet to come.

“The results from our season have been a little bit discouraging,” said Bubar. “However, we have still had good speed at a few of the races, so hopefully we can get some good finishes this year.”

Next up for Bubar and his team is the Keen Parts 150 race that features a $10,000 prize at the Lee USA Speedway in New Hampshire on July 15, and at the Oxford 250 that will be held at the Oxford Plains Speedway on Aug. 28. There are also a couple other races that they plan on going to as well, but without the pressure of a championship at Beech Ridge, Bubar and his team’s goal for the rest of the season is to just go and race for fun.

Aside from the rest of this season, Bubar is realistic about what he can accomplish in racing professionally.

“I don’t really have any higher aspirations for my career. I just like doing what we are doing now,” said Bubar. “I would just like to thank all of my family, crew and sponsors who help me out to be able to keep racing.” <

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