Friday, May 19, 2017

PowerServe beautifies the community and comes together in the name of doing good by Lorraine Glowczak

Genevieve Delano center with friends Allie Kirby and Ben Breton
The committee of and volunteers for PowerServe successfully provided a morning of community service for families and organizations within the greater Windham/Raymond Communities on Saturday May 13. This is the second service event hosted by PowerServe, with the first occurring last spring.

Genevieve Delano, director of PowerServe and a junior at Windham High School, said that the event was initially planned as a one-time event as a way to honor a classmate, Shane Donnelly, who had passed away. It was also created to help those who knew and loved Donnelly. “My mom and I started this event last year in an effort to create a positive energy around the situation by celebrating his life instead of his death,” Delano explained. “He would have loved this. 

Although PowerServe initially was intended to be a one-time event, Delano stated that there were many requests to have it happen again this year.
“One hundred percent of the people we got survey results from, wanted to do it again,” she stated in
the March 17, 2017 publication of The Windham Eagle’s ‘PowerServe will provide communities services once again’ by Elizabeth Richards.

And so, PowerServe heeded the call and met the requests that came from the community. Last year, most of the projects took place at the Windham High School campus working on landscape and minor maintenance and painting needs. However, it was their hope to reach further out into the community this year. 

Through outreach, they met their goal and expanded their services. Along with the Windham High School, the following individuals and organizations were the recipients of PowerServe:
Windham Library, Windham Historical Society, the Karsten family, the Dickinson family, the Boucher family, Village Green, Windham Police Station, the Gregoire family, the Levigne family, Manchester School, Black Brook Preserve and local cemeteries.

Linda and John Gregoire were very pleased with the assistance they received on Saturday from the volunteers of PowerServe. John Gregoire was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) almost 10 years ago, making any physical work impossible. “They trimmed back a couple of years’ overgrowth in the back yard and disposed of the brush they cut back” Linda Walker said. “It is work I don't have the equipment or time to do and it was appreciated very much. They cut down some small trees with the chain saw, which is something I can't do, I don't own a chainsaw, and even if I did I wouldn't dare use it.” Linda Gregoire joked.

There is hope that this may become a yearly occurrence. “We would love to continue putting on this wonderful event annually,” Delano said. “However, I am leaving for college after next year so I do not know what will happen after that. I would love to leave this in the hands of someone I trust, but that has not yet been put together.”

Members of the Windham Historical Society would like to see the return of PowerServe. 
Approximately 10 volunteers were available to paint, rake the grounds and transfer artifacts as well as weed and plant in the gardens. "All were serious, purposeful, hard-working and fun to be around.” member of the historical society, Walter Lunt said. “They were truly an inspiration.”, and its initial intention is, in fact, an inspiration in and of itself. “This event is indicative of how great this community is,” Shane’s brother, Bobby Donnelly said. “We want the community to know how much they are appreciated.”

“It [PowerServe] came out of a great love and compassion for our son, Shane,” stated Kim Donnelly, Shane’s mother. “It has turned into this amazing event, helping so many in our surrounding communities, providing fellowship and a way for people from all ages and walks of life to come together to do good.”

It seems PowerServe does more than provide the much needed repair and maintenance where it is required, but it also repairs grieving hearts by spreading joy and light into the world.
Lunt stated it best. “If these young people are any indication of our future, I'd say we're in good hands."

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