Friday, May 19, 2017

Sebago Lake Automotive chosen by ACDelco to provide free vehicle repairs to those in need by Lorraine Glowczak

L-R: Pastor Colegrove, the Rands, Dupree and Woodbrey
They say it takes a village to raise a child. However, that often-quoted statement can also be used as part of a community effort in lending a helping hand to those who could use a little assistance. On Thursday, May 4, Debora and Nathan Rand of Raymond as well as Janie Brown of Gorham, were chosen to be the recipients of ACDelco’s National Day of Service by getting their vehicles repaired free of charge at Sebago Lake Automotive on 302 in North Windham.
This is the second annual National Day of Service as ACDelco, an automotive company that is owned by General Motors, works with repair shops across the nation, to provide a collective $200,000 net worth of free vehicle repairs. This year, Sebago Lake Automotive was the chosen shop to provide service in Maine.

Sebago Lake Automotive had the difficult choice of choosing one non-profit organization in the area, to work in conjunction with and to identify a local family and/or individual who could benefit greatly from this service. They chose to work with the Windham Hill United Church of Christ (WHUCC) who recognized the Rands and Brown as needing the service. In doing so, they were provided a total of $4,000 in free automotive repair service.
“A member of our church community approached me and informed me about the ACDelco National Day of Service,” stated Sally Colegrove, pastor of WHUCC. “I thought about it for a long time and decided that Debora and Nathan Rand and Janie Brown, members of the church, would be a great choice. These three individuals are retired and living on a limited income. That, in and of itself, is deserving of this free service. But I chose them because they give of themselves to the community in unlimited ways. I thought it would be wise if the community could reciprocate, so I approached Sebago Lake Automotive with my suggestion.” 

The Rands, who own a 2003 Ford Focus, are very involved in a multiple of community volunteer efforts that includes Food and Fellowship, a weekly service from various organizations that provides free meals to the community every Monday at WHUCC. They are also a part of the Missions Board at WHUCC and participate in the community garden and plant sale efforts that raise funds and environmental awareness with the Raymond Village Library.
The Rands’ Ford Focus had a leaking air conditioner, needed a timing belt and hood release mechanism replaced. They also received a free State of Maine inspection. “The total cost for the Rand’s would have cost them $2,000,” said Mitch Woodbrey, co-owner and service manager at Sebago Lake Automotive.

Brown, of Gorham, owns a 2004 Toyota Scion. She is the coordinator of the Food and Fellowship. As a coordinator, she works tirelessly with a multitude of other organizations and churches in the area that contributes to the success of this program, making sure that at least one weekly free and healthy meal is provided to those who need some extra help. Brown, along with the Rands, also works on The H.O.M.E. Craft Show and Sale. It is a project that is a part of the Missions Board and is an event held on Saturday, June 3. The event is open to the public to support crafters in one of the poorest areas of Maine, Hancock County.   

Brown’s concern for others and making sure that they can survive to the best of their ability, leaves little time for her own personal concerns. But she does have a bit of a challenge living on a fixed income. “I always have on my mind what needs to be paid next.” Brown said. “It’s nice to have this one thing off my mind,” she continued, referring to the needed repairs of her 13-year-old vehicle.

As General Motors and ACDelco state, everyone should have access to reliable and safe transportation. The out-of-pocket repairs can add up to over $600, and nearly a third of American drivers cannot add that amount to their monthly budget. 

There is another saying that states, “Do good and good will come to you.” It seems this is the case for the Rands and Brown. A thank you goes out to ACDelco, General Motors and Sebago Lake Automotive, for recognizing three individuals who do good in the world - by returning the good to them.

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