Friday, May 26, 2017

Second Annual Color Fun Run - a success in multiple ways by Lorraine Glowczak

It was a morning full of vibrant activity as eighty-five student and adult participants ran at the second annual, one mile, Color Fun Run on Saturday, May 20 at the Manchester School in Windham.

The Color Fun Run was initiated and inspired by Standards Based Teacher, Jess Carle and School Counsel, Jess Weatherbee to raise money for their students to go on school field trips that support project based learning. They believed this fun run would be a great option to raise those funds and to keep the children active. It was such a success last year they decided to do it again, with the hope that it continues to be an annual event.

This year, however, there was an additional fundraising effort, as fourth-grade teachers Adam Beal and Leah Fischer and their students, joined forces with Carle and Weatherbee to help raise funds for fourth grade student, Nolan Cyr and his family.

Cyr was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on April 11. His classmates and teacher, Ms. Fischer wanted to be of help in some way and thought it would be a great idea to participate in this year’s Color Fun Run to help Cyr and his family with medical expenses. couple of fundraising efforts have been set up to help Cyr and his family, of which the students wanted to contribute. One fundraising effort is through a website set up by Cyr’s aunt, Jessica Messina, and can be accessed at: A Facebook page has also been set up to list the various events and fundraisers planned at:

Due to Cyr’s level of strength and determination to fight this cancer, the theme behind these fundraising efforts is: Fight Like a Cyr. “Nolan always says that, ‘cancer picked the wrong kid to mess with’ and I think he really got that part right,” stated Fischer.

And thus, the fourth-grade Color Run Team was the Fight Like a Cyr Team. It is important to Cyr’s classmates that he knows they care about him. “I want to make Nolan happy,” stated fourth grade student Carly Mazerolle. “I also want to let him know that we are here for him.”

“Since his diagnosis, he has been receiving support from the staff at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital,” stated Fischer. “He has been a huge trooper throughout the whole ordeal and we admire him for his strength and courage.”

Not only is Cyr built of strength and courage, but it also seems he is wise and thoughtful beyond his
years. “Nolan has decided to donate the funds he will receive from the Color Run today to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital,” stated Cyr’s mother, Angela.

Because of Saturday’s Color Run and the funds raised for Cyr, he will be donating $1,500 to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

“Overall, I am speechless with the amount of togetherness that this community has shown,” Fischer said. “From the fundraisers, to the students coming up with ideas on how to help, to the cards and presents that go home to Nolan - it all just takes my breath away. These students have shown what it takes to push through a hard time and Nolan has been the role model for that.” again, it seems the second annual Color Fun Run was a complete success, not only in raising funds but also in the number of individuals who came together to make this run happen. “We are so grateful to have many community sponsors which we will personally thank,” Weatherbee said. “A huge thank you goes out to the Manchester staff and parents who not only came out to support the event and cheer everyone on, but volunteered to help! The event ran very smoothly and we could not have done it without everyone coming together and helping.”

There is no stopping a small community in coming together to meet the needs of its members. The students now will get to experience hands-on learning and discovery through enlightening field trips; and the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital gained extra funds to help other children in need.

The Windham and Raymond communities are there for each other and for one individual, in particular. “We are all here for Nolan and his family and, clearly, Windham is too. Fischer said

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